"If you want a thing well done, do it yourself."

new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 4

Okay, you know that I got my Babycakes cupcake maker yesterday! :) I have been dying to use this thing!! 

Babycakes cupcake maker pink  

Babycakes cupcake maker pink 2

Isn’t she purdy?? :) 

Now, for my first endeavor with my new machine, I didn’t just want to make plain ‘ol cupcakes.. Especially on New Years Eve! I came up with the idea of doing Pop Rocks cupcakes and they turned out SO cute and fun! 

Want to know how to make your own? :) 

First, bake your cupcakes. Whether it be in an oven or Babycakes cupcake maker. 
babycakes cupcake maker pink 3  

Cut a hole in the center of your cupcake(s).. 
new years pop rocks cupcakes 2 

Fill with Pop Rocks.. 
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 

Frost, just like you would any cupcake.. 
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 3-2  

See? Looks normal! :) (Don’t judge my icing job.. It was my first time using a piping bag!) 
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 2 

Until you open the center! Hellloooo Pop Rocks!! 
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 3

Fun, right?? 

Hope you try them out! Have a happy and SAFE New Year!! :)

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