"If you want a thing well done, do it yourself."

Hello there! Today I thought i'd share one of my favorite projects to do with my girls: making crayons! I love it because it is simple, the girls can help me, and the finished product is so cute. :)

First, you (or your kids) will need to gather a bunch of crayons and peel the wrappers off. Don't mind the perfectly lined up row of crayons - my daughters have my OCD tendencies..Ha!


And peel some more. :)

Now you will need some silicon molds. I found these ones at Dollar General for a DOLLAR! :) Can't beat that. These were actually labeled as ice trays, but they work the same. Just make sure whatever molds you are going to use are oven safe!

Next you break up your crayons into little pieces and randomly put them into the molds. Don't be afraid to fill them up! As you can see it looks like I put a LOT in there, but in the end I could of added more.
Now you are going to put the molds onto an old cookie sheet (or in my case a pizza pan). This is just in case some of your crayon spills over. It would not be fun to clean crayon out of the oven!! The oven needs to be set at 250 degrees.

Leave them in there for ten minutes, or until all of the crayons have melted together.

If you're like me, you will keep turning the oven light on the check on them.. :)

This is what they will look like when they are done!

When you pull them out of the oven, put them into the fridge until they are solid.

  Take them out of the fridge and (carefully) pop the crayons out of the molds.As you can see, the skull and crossbones crayons aren't pictured. They kept cracking when I was trying to take them out of the molds. :( The pumpkin ones all came out fine, and look how adoralbe they are!
My original plan was to put the crayons in the cute bags shown below, with some Halloween candy.. But all of the candy was eaten before I got to that step, lol! So I will be buying more. :)
At first I was hesitant to share this, since Halloween is only a few days away, but seriously this is SO easy and inexpensive. You can use crayons you already have, and pick up the molds at DG for a dollar!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I probably won't be back until after the wedding (which is only EIGHT days away, might I add!!) Talk to you then! :)

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