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14 days of V-Day fun

14 days of V Day fun series

Hello! Since I got 4 days behind on the series, I figured I would combine all four days into one post, and showcase other bloggers Valentine’s day ideas. :) 

So, let’s get started, shall we? 

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My new toy

Today, the girls and I went on an all day shopping trip with my Mom. We went to Target, JoAnn’s, Wal-Mart and last we went to Michael’s. Loooove shopping. :)  

There wasn’t any certain thing that I planned on buying today. That was, until I saw that Michael’s had these: 
Cricut mini

HAD to get it! :) 

Ahh, I cannot wait to make my first project with it!! 

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Baking FAIL!!

So, the other day while at Target, I saw this.. 

Wilton bar baking pan_

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Pre-blog creations 1

Before I had a blog, whenever I made something, I would always take pictures of the things I made and post them on Facebook. So, I thought I would share those pictures with you. There are quite a few, so I am going to split them up between two posts. :) These were also from my pre-DSLR days so the picture quality is ehh.. 

Without further ado.. 

Seriously adorable felt flowers. 
blog 1 

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Pre-blog creations

I’m back today to share part 2 of my creations from before I had a blog! :) 

Here we go.. 

Etched glass flower vase. 

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The past few days..

I haven’t posted anything in a few days, so I wanted to show you what we’ve been up to.. 

Somebody got a new bike.. 

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THE best banana bread EVER! ..Not exaggerating

Let me start off by saying, I do not like anything.. ANYTHING banana! But this banana bread is one of my f-a-v things to bake (and eat!). It is so, so good. I usually make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas to give out to family and friends, but I ran out of time so I decided that January 11th at 10 PM was a good occasion! ;) 

This recipe is not my own.. I got it from my friend.. You might know her.. 

Yep, Martha Stewart. :) Okay, so we aren’t really friends.. But if we were, I would hug her every day for sharing this recipe with the world. It is THAT good, people! 

I was going to take pictures of the process while I was making my bread, but let’s face it.. It isn’t rocket science. Plus it was late at night and I just really wanted it to be done so I could eat some. ;) 

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My fav meal..

Yes, I know.. I have been doing a lot of food related posts lately. I am working on a somewhat big crafty project, but I won’t be able to share until the beginning of Feb. So for today, you get a recipe. ;) 

So.. I have two favorite meals, one Micheal makes (which I’ll have to see if he will share with you at a later date), and one I make.. Today I am sharing the one that I make, and that is Kielbasa with peppers, onions and tomatoes over rice. It is so, so, SO good! 

Ready for a pic? 

Sausage peppers and onions recipe with rice

Droooool.. :) 

Kielbasa and vegetables over rice 

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Our weekend..

Hello blog readers! I hope you have had a great weekend.. Ours was packed with fun! 

Saturday Micheal was out with his brother and the Jeep club that they belong to, so I decided that the girls and I needed to have get out of the house as well for some girl time. :) 

First we went to Target..untitled-2
And of course, you can’t go to Target without stopping at Starbucks for some cake pops, apple juice (for the girls) and a vanilla bean frappucino (for me)! :) It’s like breaking the law if you don’t! ;) 

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Our family just got bigger!

Yep, you read that right! :) As of Sunday, our family got bigger.. By 4 paws! 

I’d like you to meet Trouty.. 
Isn’t he the sweetest thing?? He is such a good kitten! His favorite things to do are sleeping on the couch and chasing his tail around – which the girls think is HILARIOUS! :) 

And did I mention how cute he is? Ahh.. 

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14 days of V-Day Fun – Coming TODAY!

So, I have a FUN series starting TODAY, here on the blog.. 
It will keep going until Valentine’s day (The 14th) and I’m really excited about it.. 

14 days of V Day fun series 

And I would like to thank Marina of Penny Lane Designs for making the AMAZING graphic for me!! 

I will be back in a bit with the first post! :)

Our wedding pictures

Hello there! We got all of our wedding pictures back yesterday so I am going to share my favorites. :) 


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Turning 18 rocks!

turning 18 rocks pop rocks birthday gift

Micheal’s little Sister (my Sister In Law) Tiffany turned 18 today. After brainstorming for a while about what I was going to make her, I remembered pinning dea and decided that was it. :) 

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6 days until Christmas!

We finally put our tree up (last night)! :)
Micheal got the tree out of the garage last night and put the lights on it. I got out the ornaments and was excited to get them on when I realized.. We have no hooks! Darnit.. Not much you can do about that at 9:30 at night (aside from going out for some, which I was not willing to do..ha!). So, today I went and got the hooks and the girls and I decorated. Definitely could not have done the ribbon without Abby! She stood on one side of the tree and I was on the other and we got it done. She was so excited to help, too! :)

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Emails from Santa!

Portable north pole email from Santa

Has your child gotten their email from Santa yet? ;) If not, all you have to do is go here and fill out a few things about your child (name, what they want most for Christmas, etc.) and they will receive apersonalized video email from Santa himself! It literally sends it to you within a minute or two! Quick and easy! 

One of the cool things about it, is that you can keep the email and your child(ren) can watch the video as many times as they want! We did this for the girls last night and they were ecstatic! 

I should mention that it is absolutely FREE! :) Enjoy!

Is it really over?

All of the shopping, baking, wrapping, etc.. And in the blink of an eye, Christmas is over. A part of me is sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday. But I am glad the stressing about everything is over. ;) 

We seriously had the best Christmas ever! How could we not when it revolves around these two?: 


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A handmade gift for my girls..

So, I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but I love to make cards. My daughters (especially Abby) like to sit down with me and make their own cards while I am making mine. A few months ago, while Abby and I were sitting together, making cards, she said “Momma, I like to make stuff with you!” ..It pretty much melted my heart. :) And a few days after that, she told me that she wanted her own “stuff” to make her cards. I instantly thought CHRISTMAS GIFT! 

And here it is.. 
Card making kit for kids 2 

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Is it just me?

So maybe I’m the only one who is like this, but I love seeing what other people got for Christmas! 

So, I thought I would show you what I got this year.. 

Crock pot, blender, cupcake carousel, shirt, Rachael Ray oven mits and rammekin set. 

I also got the Babycakes cupcake maker!! It’s not here yet, but should be in a few days.. Can’t wait!! :) 

What did you get? I’d looove to hear!

I’m in love..

That’s right, I’m in love! ..You’re probably thinking “You just got married, of course you’re in love!”, but I’m not talking about Micheal (although I am still very much in love with him).. 

I’m talking about.. 

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November 5, 2011

Just wanted to share the sneak peek pictures from our photographer. We will get all of the pictures back in a few weeks. :) It was an amazing day and we are finally (after almost 6 years) Husband and Wife!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all spending the day with your families, eating until you can't eat anymore.. I know I will be. :) Since today is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to share a list of the things that I am most thankful for..

I'm thankful for:

-My husband, Micheal. 
-My beautiful daughters, Abby and Lauren. 
-Family and friends who are there when we need them. 
-A roof over our heads and clothes on our backs! 
-Being blessed enough to have not just one, but two delicious Thanksgiving meals. 
-The jobs that Micheal and I have. 
-Florida weather!! How many places do you know where it is almost 80 degrees in November? :) 
-Being able to see my Sister, Nieces and Nephew next week!! Maybe seeing snow!? 
-Technology (Seriously.. How did people live without it?). 
-My blog (and blog readers).

I have so much more than that to be thankful for, but I won't keep you all day. ;)

HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg! 

I will be back tomorrow to share a yummy recipe with you!

Quick, easy and delicious pasta salad

Hi! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was great. :) Filled with a lot of family, food and fun. Just the way I like it! Normally at this time Micheal and I would be power napping and then heading out to Black Friday shop. This year, we decided to sleep through it. As much as I l-o-v-e Black Friday, I am excited to not be a total zombie tomorrow (usually we get home right as the girls are waking up for the day..Ah!). :) 

Today I want to share with you my go to recipe. Everyone has one, I think. You know.. That recipe that you make for every get together you go to, because everyone loves it. This pasta salad is that, for me. 

I got this recipe from my Aunt Karen. She brought it for Thanksgiving one year and I swear to you, it was pretty much the only thing I ate! Ha! It was soo good! I had.to.have. the recipe. She gave it to me and since I have been bringing it for Thanksgiving and every baby shower, Birthday party, etc. I attend. :) 

Yesterday (Thanksgiving), I took Abby through the line of food to make her a plate. After asking her what she wanted on her plate, she says “Just the stuff we brought” HA! All she wanted was the pasta salad! 

(The pasta salad at Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma’s house) 

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Dear Santa..

Now that we have Thanksgiving behind us, it’s finally time to start thinking about Christmas! :) 

Christmas is my favorite holiday, by far. Something about the weather, the lights, Santa Clause, family gatherings, Christmas trees/decorations, shopping, Christmas movies, Christmas MUSIC! Ah, I could go on forever!! Seriously loooove this holiday! Just wish it would snow here in Florida! 

I thought it would be fun to share what I’m wishing for this year. I certainly don’t expect to get all of these items. And even if I didn’t get any of them, I would be happy. Being a Mom, the focus is more on the kids, but it is fun to make a wish list of things for Santa in case he isn’t sure what to get me this year. ;) 

Babycakes cupcake maker.. In LOVE with this thing! It makes cupcakes in about 5 minutes! 

Babycakes cake pop maker.. Does the same as the above except in cake POP form.. So cute!! 

Crock pot! I really didn’t feel that I needed one until I went on Pinterest and typed in “Crock pot recipes”! 

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My bridal shower

This past Sautrday my best friend Ashley hosted a bridal shower for me. She and her Mom planned the entire thing without me knowing any of the details. I was so happy when I came in and saw the room (it was held at a cute, local cafe).. They did an awesome job and I feel like I cannot thank them enough. :)
Here are the pictures from the day..
Would you believe me if I told you that Tracy (Ashley's Mom) made these?? 'Cause she did! Amazing..

Pinterest is evil

Don't get me wrong.. I love me some Pinterest (I mean, really.. I have over 1100 pins!). I will admit, though,  that sometimes I find myself pinning a recipe that I would not eat, but would still make it because it looks pretty..

Example? These stinkin' cute candy corn waffles that have been all over Pinterest lately..
After seeing the previously mentioned waffles, I went straight to our wedding registry and added a waffle maker. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, actually there is.. I put a waffle maker on our registry and I don't even LIKE waffles (or any breakfast food that you would pair with syrup for that matter.).
What is even better is that we received not one, but TWO waffle makers at my bridal shower! 

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Crazy busy

So I've been meaning to get on here for a few days and do some crafty blog posts, but the wedding has taken over my life! Ha.. At any given moment I have about thirty thoughts in my head and most are wedding related..

Right now I am thinking..

I hope the suits we ordered fit the guys..
Can I win the lottery now?
When is the last bridesmaid's dress coming in?
Please, please, PLEASE don't let it rain on November 5th
I wonder if it's too late to elope (Ha!)
still haven't found shoes that I like..
Why didn't anyone send their RSVP cards back?
Need to get my ring sized.
What if I completely forget something??
But seriously, can I win the lottery? ;)

And just when I start to feel like this..

I remember the reason for all of the stress..
It's so that I can marry my best friend. The one I have been waiting for almost six years to marry.
As sappy as it may sound, when he tells me that everything is going to be fine, I believe him. :)

19 days to go until our big day! I can't wait to be Mrs. Katy Apicello!

Make your own Halloween crayons

Hello there! Today I thought i'd share one of my favorite projects to do with my girls: making crayons! I love it because it is simple, the girls can help me, and the finished product is so cute. :)

First, you (or your kids) will need to gather a bunch of crayons and peel the wrappers off. Don't mind the perfectly lined up row of crayons - my daughters have my OCD tendencies..Ha!

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Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to do a quick post to wish you all a happy (and safe!) Halloween. :)
And I also wanted to share a few pictures from Trunk or Treat yesterday (Sunday)..

Micheal and the girls getting started!

I so wanted to MAKE the girls costumes this year, but there just wasn't time. The girls are in love with unicorns right now, so I figured these costumes would be perfect.. I was right.:)

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